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9 articles available in total starting from 06/05/2005. Last article published on 12/06/2007.

Houellebecq: The possibility of a film

Houellebecq: The possibility of a film

The Valencia-based studios Ciudad de la Luz last weekend hosted the final shooting day of The Possibility of an Island, the directorial debut of controversial French author Michel Houellebecq. The...  

12/06/2007 | Shooting | Spain

Lynch at Łódź

David Lynch arrived in Poland to complete filming on Inland Empire, his new film whose screenplay is still shrouded in secret. The title does not give much away – referring to the four...  

23/01/2006 | Shooting | Pologne

Johan in a big football family

24-Year-old Dutch heartthrob Michiel Huisman is currently filming his second title role after last year's turn as the medieval knight Floris, in the film of the same name. This time around, he is...  

28/06/2005 | Shooting | The Netherlands

European Crusade is ready for 50 day shoot

Another crusades project is coming our way after the Ridley Scott epic Kingdom of heaven. This Saturday [18 June] will see the start of 50 days of filming on Crusade in jeans, the English language...  

17/06/2005 | Shooting | Netherlands

Into the deep end with Diep

Diep (Deep), the filmmaking debut of Dutch TV director Simone van Dusseldorp is currently in its fourth week of shooting in the Netherlands. Diep was written by Tamara Bos (Verborgen...  

08/06/2005 | Shooting | Netherlands

Christoph Schaub shooting Jeune Homme

Christoph Schaub shooting Jeune Homme

Last year, Christoph Schaub's Sternenberg reached the top of the national box-office with around 122 000 admissions. And so his new project, Jeune Homme, which is currently being shot, is awaited...  

08/06/2005 | Shooting | Switzerland

A dutch version of Pinter's Betrayal

According to Dutch news agency ANP, an ambitious cinematic adaptation of the Harold Pinter play Betrayal is underway in the Netherlands. The project will be helmed by Mijke de Jong, who won a...  

20/05/2005 | Shooting | Netherlands

The entire world will star Heijmans, Geel, Lammers

On 21 May, the first day of shooting will commence for the long-awaited screen adaptation of the Maarten 't Hart novel Het woeden der gehele wereld' (The raging of the entire world). The...  

10/05/2005 | Shooting | Netherlands

A summer under the spotlights

Although Luc and jean-Pierre Dardenne will be in Cannes to unveil their Enfant in official competition, two other internationally known Belgium authors will start shooting their next film next...  

06/05/2005 | Shooting | Belgium

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