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Shooting Stars 2021

12 articles available in total starting from 25/11/2020. Last article published on 05/03/2021.

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Sara Klimoska  • Actress

Interview: Sara Klimoska • Actress

"I perceive my body as an instrument: whether I'm naked or with clothes on, it's the same thing to me as long as it’s justified"

BERLINALE 2021: The young North Macedonian actress talks to us about her career, acting beyond limits (and language borders) and who she would love to work with  

05/03 | Shooting Stars 2021

Natasa Stork  • Actress

Interview: Natasa Stork • Actress

"Seeing myself on the screen was always hard for me, but I learned to accept myself"

BERLINALE 2021: The Hungarian actress talks to us about the beginning of her career, her work in Preparations to Be Together for an Unknown Period of Time and her dream director  

04/03 | Shooting Stars 2021

Gustav Lindh  • Actor

Interview: Gustav Lindh • Actor

"As far I can remember I always wanted to be an actor"

BERLINALE 2021: We discuss fiction, reality, acting, challenges and dream directors with the young Swedish actor  

03/03 | Shooting Stars 2021

Alba Baptista  • Actress

Interview: Alba Baptista • Actress

"Observing Isabelle Huppert on set taught me to be more confident with my own instincts"

BERLINALE 2021: We met up with the young Portuguese actress to talk about her career and the films she starred in, as well as the director she would love to work with  

01/03 | Shooting Stars 2021

Nicolas Maury  • Actor

Interview: Nicolas Maury • Actor

"If you get everything served, then existence is boring"

BERLINALE 2021: The French actor, writer and director tells us about the biggest challenges in his career, and what he would like to do with it in the future  

01/03 | Shooting Stars 2021

Martijn Lakemeier  • Actor

Interview: Martijn Lakemeier • Actor

"Acting is a craft, something you can practice"

BERLINALE 2021: The young Dutch actor talks the beginning of his career, challenges and role-picking, as well as the directors he would love to work with  

26/02 | Shooting Stars 2021

Seidi Haarla  • Actress

Interview: Seidi Haarla • Actress

"I think that actors can be good directors"

BERLINALE 2021: The emerging Finnish actress talks about her artistic drive and how it's shaping her career, as well as who she wishes to work with  

25/02 | Shooting Stars 2021

Fionn O'Shea  • Actor

Interview: Fionn O'Shea • Actor

"I've been really lucky that people have given me the opportunities to try a lot of different things"

BERLINALE 2021: The Irish actor talks about his work so far, what he has been offered through his career and who he would love to work with in the future  

24/02 | Shooting Stars 2021

Žygimantė Elena Jakštaitė  • Actress

Interview: Žygimantė Elena Jakštaitė • Actress

"I want to work with interesting people I can learn from"

BERLINALE 2021: The young Lithuanian actress discusses going from theatre to film and what her career might lead her to, as well as the director she would love to work with  

23/02 | Shooting Stars 2021

Albrecht Schuch  • Actor

Interview: Albrecht Schuch • Actor

"I like playing with reality and putting the colours of fantasy in it"

BERLINALE 2021: The young German actor talks to us about his work in Berlin Alexanderplatz, challenges and dream directors  

22/02 | Shooting Stars 2021

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