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Venice 2018

158 articles available in total starting from 12/02/2018. Last article published on 02/11/2018.

Gastón Solnicki  • Director

Interview: Gastón Solnicki • Director

“The making of this film was spontaneous, personal, intense, and even exorcistic”

We spoke to Gastón Solnicki, whose Introduzione all'oscuro was shot in Vienna in 13 days and captures his bond with the city as well as one of its most colourful inhabitants  

02/11/2018 | Viennale 2018

Review: Introduzione all’oscuro

Review: Introduzione all’oscuro

Gastón Solnicki has crafted an affectionate, handwritten account of friendship both in this life and beyond it  

02/11/2018 | Viennale 2018

Review: Still Recording

Review: Still Recording

VENICE 2018: Saeed Al Batal and Ghiath Ayoub use the Syrian Civil War to show the importance of making films as documentary evidence  

14/09/2018 | Venice 2018 | International Film Critics’ Week

Ivan Salatić  • Director

Interview: Ivan Salatić • Director

"I got the feeling that people were slowly disappearing"

VENICE 2018: Dubrovnik-born, Montenegro-raised director Ivan Salatić answered some questions about his debut feature, You Have the Night, screening in the International Film Critics' Week  

13/09/2018 | Venice 2018 | International Film Critics’ Week

Giorgio Treves • Director

Interview: Giorgio Treves • Director

“A pure Italian race? That’s a joke, right?”

VENICE 2018: Few people know much about a particularly dark page in Italy’s history, and Giorgio Treves is making sure that changes with documentary 1938 Diversi  

12/09/2018 | Venice 2018 | Out of Competition

Review: We’ll Be Young and Beautiful

Review: We’ll Be Young and Beautiful

VENICE 2018: Thirty-year-old Letizia Lamartire, the only female Italian director selected for the festival with a feature film, screened her title at the International Film Critics' Week  

12/09/2018 | Venice 2018 | International Film Critics' Week

Emir Baigazin  • Director

Interview: Emir Baigazin • Director

“The most important thing for me was the spiritual component”

VENICE 2018: We talked to Kazakh director Emir Baigazin, who presented his third feature, The River, in the Orizzonti competition programme and won Best Director to boot  

12/09/2018 | Venice 2018 | Orizzonti

Emir Kusturica  • Director

Interview: Emir Kusturica • Director

“Pepe’s life is like something from Taxi Driver

VENICE 2018: We talked to Serbian filmmaker Emir Kusturica about his warm new documentary El Pepe, a Supreme Life, dedicated to Uruguay’s former president José Mujica  

12/09/2018 | Venice 2018 | Out of Competition

Nick Hamm  • Director

Interview: Nick Hamm • Director

“DeLorean was a part of the culture”

VENICE 2018: We chatted to Northern Irish director Nick Hamm about Driven, his biopic about John DeLorean, chosen as the closing film of this year’s Venice Film Festival  

12/09/2018 | Venice 2018 | Out of Competition

Victor Kossakovsky • Director

Interview: Victor Kossakovsky • Director

“I realised that water is a perfect subject for a documentary filmmaker”

VENICE 2018: Russian director Victor Kossakovksy talks to us about his latest documentary, Aquarela  

11/09/2018 | Venice 2018 | Out of Competition

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