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Production / France

1517 articles available in total starting from 23/05/2002. Last article published on 31/07/2019.

Ozon's two layers

His Swimming Pool is scheduled for release while 5x2, which has yet to be produced, has already been sold  

14/02/2003 | Production | France

The goals of TF1 Films

2003 will be a very full and challenging year for TF1 Films et Productions, the film production arm of leading French broadcaster TF1. 2002 saw them lagging behind France 2 Cinéma, some of whose...  

24/01/2003 | Production | France

Industry stalls

According to a report just published by the National Film Centre, French film production is experiencing a slowdown. After an excellent 2001, Gallic cinema continues to reap success after...  

20/01/2003 | Production | France

Rochant’s 4 Résistantes

Rochant’s 4 Résistantes

The director of Anna Oz returns to cinema with an all-female cast. Production scheduled to begin in April  

17/01/2003 | Production | France

The Apex of France 2 Cinéma

France 2 Cinéma, the film production arm of French state broadcaster France 2, enjoyed an extraordinary run of success in 2002. The co-productions it boarded were seen by 30 per cent of French...  

16/01/2003 | Production | France

A service for Euro-coproductions

Exception is back with a bang! The French independent company that was set up in November 2002 on the lines of foreign sales outfit, Wild Bunch, announced it was opening a new services office for...  

15/01/2003 | Production | France

Gemini's Goals

Eight new features on the slate including Bruni Tedeschi's directorial debut and latest from de Oliveira & Akerman  

10/01/2003 | Production | France

"Noé's" Ark rides again

"Noé's" Ark rides again

French company gets over its financial difficulties and announces a new film from Nadine Monfils for 2003 - Madame Edouard, starring John Malkovich and Michel Blanc  

24/12/2002 | Production | France

An on-target 2002

"Ecran Total" article about health of French film: 205 features skedded and more TVs involved in production  

23/12/2002 | Production | France

‘Trésor’s feature debut

‘Trésor’s feature debut

"Productions du Trésor" enters the features arena with Mon Idole, the directorial debut of popular young actor, Guillaume Canet. Out now on 300 French screens  

18/12/2002 | Production | France

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