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1653 articles available in total starting from 03/01/2003. Last article published on 10/04/2017.

The Pas sur la bouche event

Any new film by Alain Resnais is always an event for the French film world. In fact, so much so that his last feature length film, Same Old Song had an audience of 2.6 million in France and it won...  

02/12/2003 | Releases | France

Us by Cláudia Tomaz

The second feature length film by Cláudia Tomaz, Us, is being released in Portuguese cinemas today, distributed by Atalanta Filmes. This Portuguese/French co-production (Madragoa Filmes, Gémini...  

28/11/2003 | Releases | Portugal

A magic word for Christmas

A magic word for Christmas

The new animation film by Enzo D'Alò will be released on December 5. Opopomoz is a fairytale of magic and emotion, set in Naples and Bethlehem, moving between the crib and the holy family  

25/11/2003 | Releases | Italy

More prints for Noi the Albino

The Italian distribution date for the awarding winning Icelandic film, Noi the Albino has been put back by a week (to November 28) for its distributor, Lucky Red to have time to prepare more...  

21/11/2003 | Releases | Italy

Love on the big screen

The comedy Love Actually is being released across Europe this week. The film by Richard Curtis was distributed in Italian and Portuguese cinemas last week and went straight in at the number one...  

21/11/2003 | Releases | Europe

Michel Vaillant in pole position

Luc Besson and Pierre-Ange Le Pogam’s production and distribution company, EuropaCorp, is revving up its engines and today it will be releasing the blockbuster Michel Vaillant in French cinemas,...  

19/11/2003 | Releases | France

A trans-Alpine alliance

Today sees the French release of the Italian hit by Gabriele Muccino, Remember Me, being distributed in theatres in 135 prints by Gaumont Buena Vista International (GBVI). The distribution company...  

12/11/2003 | Releases | France

David at the time of the G8

David at the time of the G8

Now or Never by Lucio Pellegrini is the first fictional drama set at the time of the Genoa summit, in July 2001. The story is about growth and also a condemnation  

06/11/2003 | Releases | Italy

In this World

There have been lots of complements paid to the British director Michael Winterbottom, whose feature film In this World is being released on 80 French screens from today, nine months after it won...  

29/10/2003 | Releases | France

Sea of Silence in cinemas

From today Belgium cinemas will be showing Sea of Silence, the eagerly awaited film by Stijn Coninx (Koko Flanel, Daens). The screenplay is written by Jacqueline Epskamp, and the film follows the...  

29/10/2003 | Releases | Belgium

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