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2340 articles available in total starting from 23/05/2002. Last article published on 23/01/2020.

Babelsberg: change at the top

Bacher is leaving and Thierry Potok is temporarily taking over as President of the German production house  

12/09/2002 | Business | Germany

Schlöndorff attacks German producers

In a report published by Austrian daily, “Der Standard”, German film director Volker Schlöndorff criticized his country’s film industry. “German film production is controlled by two media groups,...  

05/09/2002 | Directors | Germany

An interactive workshop

Created by Media Programme and the German Film Academy, the course includes practical hands-on experience  

30/08/2002 | Training | Germany

Here they come again!

Auf Herz und Nieren, the latest zany comedy by German dreamteam, Schweiger & Jahn, goes into production today  

29/08/2002 | Production | Germany

German  films in competition

German films in competition

A strong German selection ranging from Fuerher Ex in competition to Rosa von Prunheim's latest  

28/08/2002 | Venice 59 | Germany

Toronto welcomes German films

Canada’s pre-eminent festival focuses on German productions. The selection includes this year’s winner in Locarno  

26/08/2002 | Films | Germany

“War Photographer” in German cinemas

The documentary War Photographer by Christian Freis that was nominated for an Oscar this year for “Best Documentary” started its career in the German cinemas. The film narrates the life and the...  

31/07/2002 | Documentary | Germany

Young authors in the café

Meet cinema professionals at a cafe in Oldenberg this September  

30/07/2002 | Festivals | Germany

Bertelsmann looses it's head

Middelhoff's sudden resignation. The differences could be over the stockmarket flotation  

29/07/2002 | Audiovisual | Germany

From The Experiment to vampires

The German director of the cult German thriller The Experiment, Oliver Hirschbiegel sets his foot in Hollywood. In a discussion with the Hamburg magazine “Gala”, Oliver Hirschbiegel reveals that...  

29/07/2002 | Films | Germany