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2783 articles available in total starting from 23/05/2002. Last article published on 25/02/2021.

The 4th German-French Film Rendez-Vous

Under the honorary presidency of Jean-Jacques Beineix and Jan Schuette, Munich is following Lyon and Cologne this year as the venue for the German-French Film Rendez-Vous (November 9-11), which is...  

07/11/2006 | Events | Germany

Pornorama wraps up

Some would say that the Holocaust was the single most extreme form of sexual perversion, but Marc Rothemund’s Pornorama, which finished shooting last week in Munich, will surprise audiences who...  

07/11/2006 | Production | Germany

Busy week on German screens

No less than 22 new releases open in Germany this week, quite a rare occurrence for distributors who are clearly taking advantage of the lack of competition for Sofia Coppola’s Marie Antoinette...  

03/11/2006 | Releases | Germany

Docs and animation in the spotlight at Leipzig

The 49th Dok Leipzig International Festival (October 30-November 5) is now in full swing. Representatives of Leipzig City stated they preferred "films that ask questions to ones that give answers"...  

02/11/2006 | Festivals | Germany

Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck • Director

Interview: Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck • Director

A man of stature

He is a debutant who has proven himself a professional in the best sense of the word with his first feature, aesthetically consistent, moving, great narrative cinema from a youngster  


Ulrich Muehe • Actor

Interview: Ulrich Muehe • Actor

Versatility is his middle name

Whenever conversation turns to the actor Ulrich Muehe, one inevitably hears the word "versatile" being used to describe his skill in being able to change effortlessly from one kind of role to the next  


Kinowelt takes the reins of Pegasos

Michael Kölmel's company Kinowelt is widening its scope. At the beginning of the week, it took control of the Cologne-based distribution and production company Pegasos, which has a catalogue of...  

27/10/2006 | Industry | Germany

19 German titles at 19th IDFA

A total of 19 German and German-international productions are represented this year in various sections of the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam, of which six are in the...  

26/10/2006 | Documentary | Germany

Just an Ordinary Jew at "Cinéma Tout Ecran" in Geneva

A total of seven German films and co-productions as well as a German TV series will be shown at the 12th Cinéma Tout Ecran International Film & Television Festival, which is being held in Geneva...  

26/10/2006 | Festivals | Germany

Brühl and Vogel, messengers of good fortune

Brühl and Vogel, messengers of good fortune

This week, local titles have a near monopoly of German screens. Among the nine new releases are three enthralling productions and one co-production, starting with Ein Freund von mir (lit. "A...  

26/10/2006 | Releases | Germany

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