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2382 articles available in total starting from 23/05/2002. Last article published on 23/02/2020.

“KINO 2002: New German Films”

The 24th edition of “KINO 2002: New German Cinema”, organised by Moma (Museum of Modern Art) and Germany’s Export Union at New York’s Gramercy Theatre from 8-17 November was a success with a 10...  

05/12/2002 | Events | Germany

Düsseldorf opens its archives

Film Museum opens its archives containing 250,000 stills, screenplays and reviews to filmmakers & professionals  

03/12/2002 | Institutions | Germany

5 million for distribution

German Film Board earmarks funds for promotion & distribution, & modernising film theatres  

28/11/2002 | Funding | Germany

More collaboration with exhibitors

Germany’s theatrical distributors are worried that exhibitors’ pricing and programming policies are discouraging German filmgoers from going to the cinema. Currently exhibitors are charging people...  

27/11/2002 | Distribution | Germany

Die Manns wins best film/series Emmy

Seventeen years after Wolfgang Petersen’s victory with Das Boot, a three-part German film for television entitled Die Manns – Ein Jahrhundertroman has won the Emmy for best “International Films/...  

26/11/2002 | Awards | Germany

Sweden muscles in on market

Sweden is to strengthen its ties to Germany. On 22 November Sweden’s minister for culture will inaugurate the very first Swedish Film Week in Berlin, in what is hoped will become an annual event....  

21/11/2002 | Festivals | Germany

Children & War

Themed screenings for European Film Heritage Week in Berlin, Düsseldorf, Hannover e Marburg  

20/11/2002 | Cined@ys | Germany

Classics in Frankfurt

The German Film Institute presents to young people European Masterpieces, all of them followed by a discussion  

19/11/2002 | Cined@ys | Germany

Broadcasters’ Participation

Both public and private broadcasters in Germany will participate actively in the Cined@ys 2002 celebrations by organising screenings of classical European works. Among the films presented are:...  

15/11/2002 | Cined@ys | Germany

France and Germany on regional funding

The first meeting between the representatives of six French and seven German regions (or Länders) has taken place a few days ago in Paris. The issue on the table is support for film and...  

14/11/2002 | Fundings | Germany