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305 articles available in total starting from 04/10/2002. Last article published on 15/04/2021.

House of Boys opens its doors

Filming will start on December 17 on the ambitious €2m Luxembourg production House of Boys, an English-language film that tackles AIDS in the 1980s. Jean-Claude Schlim, who has long been active...  

04/12/2008 | Production | Luxembourg

Van Werveke fêted in Inthierryview

Van Werveke fêted in Inthierryview

One of the most notable faces among the supporting players in continental European cinema, Luxembourg actor Thierry van Werveke, is celebrated in the new documentary InThierryView. The film,...  

28/11/2008 | Releases | Luxembourg

Hanneke  Niens • Producer

Interview: Hanneke Niens • Producer

The benefits of the trust established

We met with the Dutch producer who looks back at how she secured financing for an ambitious project suited to Holland  


Youngsters in the Maghreb, looking for gold

Youngsters in the Maghreb, looking for gold

For the 2009 Foreign Language Oscar, Belgium submitted Eldorado, a road movie that stays within the borders of the submitting country. The other two Benelux members, the Netherlands and...  

26/09/2008 | Oscars 2009 | Netherlands/Luxembourg

A notorious swindler arrives in Luxembourg

Filming on Swiss-German-Luxembourg co-production Der Fürsorger (“The Welfare Worker”) is scheduled to start on August 5 in the Grand Duchy. The film is the first theatrical feature of German-born...  

24/07/2008 | Production | Switzerland/Luxembourg

Make way for the Robber Girls

Make way for the Robber Girls

Swiss director Carla Lia Monti has finished shooting her first feature film Robber Girls (Räuberinnen), a very loose adaptation of the Friedrich Schiller play The Robbers, which in turn inspired...  

05/06/2008 | Production | Switzerland/Luxembourg

Van Werveke ready for his Interview close-up

Van Werveke ready for his Interview close-up

Famous film actors in Luxembourg are few and far between, but the 50-year-old screen veteran Thierry Van Werveke is certainly one of them. The Luxembourg audience will soon be able to get to know...  

30/05/2008 | Production | Luxembourg

Leprince-Ringuet navigates the mines of Réfractaire

Young French actor Grégoire Leprince-Ringuet is currently filming the Luxembourg historical drama Réfractaire on location in the Grand Duchy. The upcoming talent debuted in Téchiné’s Strayed in...  

25/04/2008 | Production | Luxembourg

Expanding the digital experience

Digital projection in cinemas is slowly becoming more common. One of its pioneers, the Luxembourg Utopia Group with operations in the entire Benelux and in French Lorraine, takes stock of the...  

10/04/2008 | Exhibitors | Luxembourg

CNA archives move to increase public access

The Luxembourg CNA (National Audiovisual Centre) has moved to much larger premises in the Dudelange area near the French border. The centre hosts the national archives for audiovisual and photo...  

20/12/2007 | Institutions | Luxembourg

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