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305 articles available in total starting from 04/10/2002. Last article published on 15/04/2021.

Part of cinema history revealed in new book

Luxemburgish film and history teacher Paul Lesch has published his new book "In the name of public order and morality: Cinema control and film censorship in Luxembourg 1895-2005", a first step in...  

07/12/2005 | Publications | Luxembourg

2nd Luxemburgish Film Week kicks off

Friday night in Luxembourg-city will be the opening night of the second Lëtzebuerger Filmwoch or Luxemburgish Film Week, an initiative that highlights local (co-)productions by re-proposing them...  

07/10/2005 | Events | Luxembourg

A Renart animated with colour and ambition

They don’t know them across the pond, Renart, the Goupil and Ysengrin the wolf, and their numerous rooster friends, and donkey and badger... But they might soon since the national selection...  

06/10/2005 | Oscars 2006 | Luxembourg

Samsa calls on Europe to support a bird

The Luxemburger production company Samsa Film which has been (co)producing art house films for over twenty years, is currently post-producing Robinson Savary’s first feature, Bye bye Blackbird ,...  

08/04/2005 | Coproduction | Luxembourg

European cinema's Big Bang

Based on a huge amount of research, the City of Luxembourg Film Archive has organised a series of special evenings, conferences, retrospectives and concerts for youngsters as part of its...  

21/10/2003 | Cinedays 2003 | Luxembourg

First awards for domestic films

First awards for domestic films

The first edition of the awards of Luxembourg films has crowned Geneviève Mersch and her work J'ai toujours voulu être une sainte. Talk to Her won Best European film  

14/10/2003 | Prizes | Luxembourg

Zooming in on Europe

Utopolis is taking part in Cinedays 2003 to promote European cinema in a country which is at the heart of many linguistic influences due to its geographical location. The programme will be...  

13/10/2003 | Cinedays 2003 | Luxembourg

A plethora of films and events

Luxembourg is also taking part in Cinedays 2003, with the aim of strengthening the interest in European films for Luxembourg audiences. Two institutions will be taking part in this year’s Cinedays...  

06/10/2003 | Cinedays 2003 | Luxembourg

Samsa Film

The new season for films from Luxembourg has got off to an excellent start, and there’s a particularly strong showing for Jani Thiltges’s go-getting production company, Samsa Film. In fact, its...  

09/09/2003 | Awards | Luxembourg

Nha Fala, song & susperstition

Nha Fala, song & susperstition

Out today - Flora Gomes’ musical comedy about a young African woman’s single-minded determination to become a singer in the face of popular prejudice  

18/07/2003 | On release | Luxembourg

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