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336 articles available in total starting from 27/07/2005. Last article published on 04/05/2021.

Slovakia’s cinema going plunges

Slovakia’s audiovisual sector has added yet another chapter in its troubled history of late when it was confirmed that the country tops the list with the largest percentage drops in cinema visits...  

30/11/2005 | Box Office | Slovakia

Korec films Keep Smiling

Korec films Keep Smiling

Two or more features being filmed at the same time in Slovakia is a rarity, considering that the country has produced only two films (excluding co-productions) in the last calendar year. But...  

31/10/2005 | Production | Slovakia

Nvota’s Music is on in Bratislava

A tough journey into a world of emotional instability, jealousy and destructive relationships. This is the logline behind Juraj Nvota new tragic comedy Music (“Muzika”) which has started filming...  

11/10/2005 | Production | Slovakia

Slama and Sulik in the run

The nominations in the run for that much sought after Academy Award which eludes Central Europe since Kolya, were announced last week in Czech Republic and Slovakia. As was expected the winner of...  

10/10/2005 | Oscars 2006 | Czech Republic | Slovakia

Genesis upsets Hollywood hegemony

Not surprisingly US productions dominate the top-20 of the Slovak box office for the period September 29 – October 5. Surprisingly, the one European production that seems to upset them is a...  

07/10/2005 | Box office | Slovakia

ALEF and Juraj Nvota prepare Music

Already lauded with the nomination at the 2004 Oscars for Best Foreign Film with Zelary, the Slovakian company ALEF Film & Media Group is preparing an Autumn shoot for the third feature by Juraj...  

27/07/2005 | Production | Slovakia

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