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Releases / France

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511 articles available in total starting from 03/01/2003. Last article published on 09/12/2015.

Michel Vaillant in pole position

Luc Besson and Pierre-Ange Le Pogam’s production and distribution company, EuropaCorp, is revving up its engines and today it will be releasing the blockbuster Michel Vaillant in French cinemas,...  

19/11/2003 | Releases | France

A trans-Alpine alliance

Today sees the French release of the Italian hit by Gabriele Muccino, Remember Me, being distributed in theatres in 135 prints by Gaumont Buena Vista International (GBVI). The distribution company...  

12/11/2003 | Releases | France

In this World

There have been lots of complements paid to the British director Michael Winterbottom, whose feature film In this World is being released on 80 French screens from today, nine months after it won...  

29/10/2003 | Releases | France

Laugh along with Depardieu-Reno

Laugh along with Depardieu-Reno

Today sees the French release of Ruby and Quentin, the new comedy by Francis Veber, the box office king. There are 550 prints for the 2nd French mega production of the year  

22/10/2003 | Releases | France

European Rendezvous

From today French cinemas will be featuring three new European films. There’s the Swedish production Cops by Josef Fares, the Romanian work Niki et Flo by Lucian Pintilie and the Italian film Red...  

24/09/2003 | Releases | France

Good Bye Lenin! out now

80 French screens are preparing to show the cult German film, Good Bye Lenin! by Wolfgang Becker. It had an audience of 6.2m in Germany and also enjoyed a great success in Italy, where it took...  

10/09/2003 | Releases | France

Time for Frears

From one Festival to another. A year after the presentation of Dirty Pretty Things by Stephen Frears at 59th Venice Film Festival, it is now on release in French cinemas. The film boasts an...  

04/09/2003 | Releases | France

Daniel Auteuil and the Dragon

Daniel Auteuil and the Dragon

Out today on 220 Gallic screens, Rencontre avec le Dragon, a Medieval tale of fantasy and adventure directed by Hélène Angel and starring Sergi Lopez and Emmanuelle Devos  

06/08/2003 | Releases | France

The Johnny English challenge

Peter Howitt’s British spy spoof, Johnny English has come to the end of its European journey with today’s release onto 325 French screens by courtesy of Mars Distribution. It will be interesting...  

23/07/2003 | Releases | France

The Scent of Iceland

Carole Scotta and Caroline Benjo’s distribution slate, Haut et Court, is releasing Icelander Dabur Kari’s hit, Noi the Albino, onto 45 French screens today, 9 July. The distributor used every...  

09/07/2003 | Releases | France

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