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Czech Republic

686 articles available in total starting from 04/10/2002. Last article published on 01/12/2020.

Nutley’s English language debut in Karlovy Vary

The English-born director Colin Nutley who has been living and working in Sweden for over 20 years, is going to attend the upcoming Karlovy Vary International Film Festival with his lead actress...  

20/06/2005 | Festivals | Czech Republic

Czecho-Slovak City of the Sun in Karlovy Vary

“A true film about true people”. That’s how a critic described Martin Sulik’s tragic comedy The City of the Sun or Working Class Heroes (“Slunecni stat aneb hrdinove delnicky tridy”), which has...  

20/06/2005 | Festivals | Czech Republic

Faenza in competition in Karlovy Vary

Alla luce del sole, by Roberto Faenza, is showing in competition at the 40th Karlovy Vary International Festival (1st-9th July). The film, produced by Elda Ferri for Jean Vigo and distributed by...  

17/06/2005 | Festivals | Czech Republic

“Horizons” set to attract the crowds at Karlovy Vary

The official selection – competition is by definition the one to attract the attention of the media and the guests’ in a film festival. For “film hungry” Czech audiences though their own Karlovy...  

17/06/2005 | Festivals | Czech Republic

French window at Karlovy Vary

No less than 23 French productions or co-productions will be headlined at the 40th edition of Karlovy Vary Festival for which the selected films were announced last Tuesday and which will run from...  

17/06/2005 | Festivals | Czech Republic

“East of the West” debuts in Karlovy Vary

“All festivals that respect themselves must have a section where films east of Vienna are viewed separately” commented one of the Karlovy Vary guests last year. That was an off the record comment...  

16/06/2005 | Festivals | Czech Republic

10 Europeans to compete at Karlovy Vary

10 Europeans to compete at Karlovy Vary

The countdown for the 40th Karlovy Vary International Film Festival started Monday when the festival’s president Jiri Bartoska presented the films in the official competition and confirmed the...  

14/06/2005 | Festivals | Czech Republic

International career for stars of Snowboarders

Snowboarders’s huge domestic box office success has started a chain reaction of pleasant aftershocks for its creators. Director Karel Janak has already secured finance and is busy preparing two...  

10/06/2005 | Production | Czech Republic

Barrandov mission for James Bond?

The new James Bond might have one more strange mission to add to his numerous on-screen assignments: learning to speak Czech. The as yet unconfirmed news that the latest in the Bond series, Martin...  

03/06/2005 | Industry | Czech Republic

Filmmakers fight for a criminal story

Jiri Kajinek is a notorious Czech criminal. His arrest and subsequent trial and conviction have created more headlines than any other similar case as well as controversy as to whether his media...  

27/05/2005 | Production | Czech Republic

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