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Flora Gomes - director of Nha Fala

Video - Venice Film Festival 2002

Born in Cadiz, Gomes is the second director in Guinea-Bissau and the most important

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by Federico Greco

He is the second director in Guinea-Bissau and the most important. Nha Fala [+see also:
film profile
(in competition) is his fourth feature film. Although he has many offers to work abroad, Flora Gomes continues to work and live in his country despite the hardships of daily life.

"Nha Fala is a musical comedy and a modern day parable that examines the question of a double culture and the sometimes difficult relationship between tradition and modernity."

"Music is the best means of expression that Africans have. It is omnipresent in everyday life, used to announce good and bad news and to express inner feelings."

"Manu Dibango is, in himself, an anthology of African music. He is also one of my favorite musicians. And then there is the encounter between a musician and a filmmaker who share the same culture and the same concern for the future of our continent."

"Fatou N'Diaye is a young French woman originally from Senegal who I first discovered in Daniel Vigne's TV film, Fatou la Malienne. She is an extremely talented actress. I liked her spirit, her intelligence and her commitment. This is why I offered her the main role in my film, a decision that I don't regret."

"The shooting took place in Cape Verde. I am from Guinea-Bissau. These two countries share the same colonial past and the same language, Creole. I felt at home there. On the other hand, I am a filmmaker that doesn't want to lock myself in my own world. I found it enriching to make a film elsewhere in Africa, other than my own country."

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