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Michele Riondino - actor

Shooting Stars 2010 - Italy

Ten Winters' star Michele Rondino talks about his experience working with director Valerio Mieli

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Silvestro, the main character of 10 Winters
Silvestro is like many young people who decide to leave home for university and open themselves up to the world. He is immediately attracted to the first woman he meets. Thus begin ten years of him and Camilla chasing each other. In these 10 years they chase after one another, falling more and more in love and at the same time running away from a relationship that is destined to begin sooner or later. In the meantime, they have other relationships and develop a friendship that, however, is built on something other than friendship. In other words, a love in progress, an alternate current, that is interrupted and starts up again over time. It's a universal story with which many people can identify: who among us doesn't have a classmate we were in love with, who we see 10 years later with her husband and child and feel bad without knowing why.

Director Valerio Mieli
Valerio Mieli is a director strong ideas of his own, he's demanding because he knows what he wants. And when a director who knows what he wants meets an actor who knows what he wants, a chemistry is created that can sometimes lead to friction because sometimes when you really care about the work you try to do your best and disagreements arise. But I welcome confrontations and discussions. We were in the same boat and were rowing in the same direction.

The most difficult scene
The most difficult scene to shoot was in Russia, when I tell Camilla I love her, after fighting with her boyfriend. It was -20 degrees and all I had on was a jacket. I needed a lot of vodka. It was hard but enjoyable.

Right now I'm working with my company Circo Bordeaux and am also reading some screenplays and deciding what to do.

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