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John Engel, producer of Vampires

BIFFF - Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival 2010

The producer talks about the film by Vincent Lannoo in competition at the BIFFF in Brussels.

A documentary on a vampire family, almost like any other family. Portrayal of a son, who does not respect anything, a daughter in revolt, boring neighbours, parents in love, and a gang of vampires in Brussels united around its chief. It’s a surreal Belgian film, a comedy at the edge of a drama.

Directed by Vincent Lannoo, a Belgian screenwriter and director, known for Strass, a delirious comedy, coming directly from the Netherlands. Its style, its micro-budget, its theme,… nothing is missing. In this interview, you will be given more details by Vampires’ producer, John Engel, who came back from the US a few years ago, and became a master in « no-budget » and « micro-budget » films. He also is part of the ARRF project, Cinéastes Associés, where belgian frenchspeaker filmakers gather to create an alternative film system.

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