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Jean Cazès - producer


President of Europeans Producers Club talks about coproductions and supports between European countries

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by Federico Greco e Camillo De Marco

President of Europeans Producers Club

“Well the main problem is to open to each other. I mean if for an Italian film to move in the other countries and reciprocally
How can they do? Well, you know, people try and they have been trying for years and years. There are not, I think, any pre-set solutions. Probably some of the main solutions that we proposed were... One was to try to have very heavy promotions for few Euro national non. National films each year in each country. Some other solution is probably to have quotas set on some televisions of non-national European films or if its not quotas set by laws, at least some kind of wilful or, you know, commitments to broadcast a certain number of non-national films from each broadcasters.
I mean people have to get familiarised with the stars of the other countries, with the directors of the other countries, it’s very, very tough. It’s very tough to be successful. I think there is also sometimes there are also problems of content so we, I mean you know, we don’t produce necessarily very commercial films, but I think this is not true: the market share in each country is not that bad. I mean we basically are in each country in Europe between 20% or 16% and 35 per cent: the market share for the national films so there must be some pretty good films in that. I mean you know if I read good scripts, when lately not really – now it’s really bad. There are different from each country. You have are some very good screenwriters in the UK, you have very good screenwriters, in Belgium, in France, in certain countries. On average, scripts are getting better I think in France I don’t have enough experience about, you know, the rest of Europe to really know. Scripts I think are... I mean, people work more on scripts than they did in the past are getting better. It’s certainly true in TV. TV production has improved immensely in Europe. In film, it’s probably true a little but but you know there have always been very good European films”.