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Tatiana Vilhelmovà, actress

Shooting Stars 2003 - Czech Republic

Despite her relative youth, Vilhelmovà has already made some 20 films, such as The Return of the Idiot, The Wild Bees, Girlie and My Father and Other Men

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video by Frank Stender for Europanet - Invideo

Shooting Stars at EFP

Despite her relative youth (24), the Czech Republic’s Tatiana Vilhelmovà has already made some 20 films. She made a spectacular debut in Navrat Idiota (The Return of the Idiot) directed in 2002 by Sasa Gedeon, and won the best actress award at the Buenos Aires Independent Film Festival. She also worked in Bohdam Slama’s Divoké Vcely (The Wild Bees), Devkatdò (Girlie) by Benjamin Tucek (2002) and in Andrea Sedlakova’s My Father and Other Men (2002).

"My first movie was Indian Summer by Sasa Gedeon­ do you know it? No - and I made three movies by young directors, the other films are The Return of the Idiot and Wild Bees.
I would like to work with Roman Polanski... I don't know but I like Russian and Polish directors, I like Russian and Polish films. Part of a folk-song".

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