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Kristoffer Joner, actor

Shooting Stars 2003 - Norway

Joner became popular after his latest film, Himmelfall, which is currently a huge hit at the Norwegian box office

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video by Frank Stender for Europanet - Invideo

Shooting Stars at EFP

The Norwegian Film Institute (NFI) has chosen one of the country’s most talented young actors, Kristoffer Joner, as their Shooting Star.
Kristoffer Joner became popular after starring in a number of TV series and feature films and his latest film, Himmelfall is currently a huge hit at the Norwegian box office and has been seen to date by some 75,000 people in its first five weeks on general release.

"In my latest project, which is called Falling Sky, is directed by Gunnar Vikene. We are going to show it here in Berlin. I'm quite proud of it. It is a good movie and also an important movie.
I like to do important things. The most important thing is that somebody has something to say or to tell, then I don't care where they come from: it doesn't matter. Of course, since I'm here in Germany, I would like to meet the guy who made Das Boot (Wolfgang Petersen), one of the greatest movies ever made. I just would like to meet him and thank him for the good film. 'Norwegian saying/speech' - 'If you don't have anything to tell, shut up!'".

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