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Goal of the Dead

Trailer [FR]

by Benjamin Rocher, Thierry Poiraud

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The film is set in a small village in north-eastern France, where the local football team just qualified for the 32nds of the national cup final. The whole village is ecstatic, especially since a match will take place with stars from the Olympique de Paris, the N°1 club in the first league. Undermined by internal conflicts, the Parisian club’s season is catastrophic and the team cannot allow itself any more mistakes. The match that begins not only confronts amateurs with professionals, but also the rural world with the urban one, the provinces with the capital, the poor with the rich. While the amateur players are winning against the professionals, a devastating epidemic instantaneously transforms players, spectators and residents into rabid creatures. The survivors have to show solidarity if they hope to survive. Will team spirit be the path to salvation? Or the road to perdition?

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