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Cherry Pie

Clip [ES]

by Lorenz Merz

mp4 (640x360) [6 MB]

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When the viewer meets Zoé everything has already happened off-screen, in an imaginary place where every hypothesis is valid. Her tired face and the marks left on her skin by the remorse and torment of a difficult life are the only clues that allow us to hypothesise about what pushed her to leave everything behind. Her getaway is desperate, uncontrolled, without a specific objective that would allow her to continue along with dignity. Zoé gradually enters into a catatonic silence that increasingly removes her from reality; it's as if the world that surrounds her no longer affects her, as if the terrible memory of what happened makes her impervious to the present. The viewer watches her pilgrimage from the often uncomfortable position of someone who is face-to-face with (close-ups that pursue the protagonist) the decadence of a drifting soul. The main character, bares all, she literally crumbles before the powerless gaze of the audience.

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