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Marc-Olivier Picron • Director


Marc-Olivier Picron spoke to about the situation for artists in Wallonia, the subject of his latest documentary, Culture en Péril

Filmed over just a few months and on an incredibly tight budget, the film Culture en péril [+see also:
interview: Marc-Olivier Picron
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 had a sell-out screening a few weeks ago at Théâtre National. Marc-Olivier Picron has to manage his time between his artistic work and his day job as a script-writing professor at the Agnès Varda photography school. It's his current situation and that of all his peers as well. It is what has led him to finally doing something about artists’ current position in Belgium: "I can get 44 Euros for every day that I don't work, and because I am also a teacher, I give classes on script-writing and film-production, everything I earn from the school is taken away from my unemployment benefit. I’m capped at 1,100 Euros a month. This precarious situation is something the affects the whole artistic community, and there are many artists who have spoken out against this welfare scheme, but their cries fall on deaf ears."

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