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Luc Pien • Director


"We have to keep on dreaming, but we also have to realise that dreams don't always come true. If we stop dreaming, it's over", said Luc Pien, the Belgian director of Light in Time to Come

After La Sicilia in 1997 and Vergeten Straat in 2001, a film adaptation of Louis Paul Boon's novel, the Flemish director Luc Pien is returning to the film industry, directing a documentary about Iraq: Light in Time to Come [+see also:
interview: Luc Pien
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. In this film Luc Pien seeks to document the situation in Iraq after United States' intervention in 2003 and, in reflecting on that, the general situation in the Middle-East. In just a few months, he has recorded around forty hours of interviews and is now tackling the task of constructing the narrative for his documentary - something he wants to be complete and multifaceted. Even without financing, Luc Pien refuses to lose hope. He doesn't claim to know everything, nor does he claim to be right. He asks questions, has discussions, and tries to answer as many questions left dangling as he can. What is Iraq's future after the United States' intervention? What is the future of the Middle-East? How do all the interviewees perceive their future and the future of the world in general?

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