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Carsten Holst - producer of The Five Obstructions

Interview - Venice 2003

The producer from Zentropa Real presents The five obstructions, a docudrama co-directed by Lars Von Trier and Jørgen Leth

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Carsten Holst, at the 60th Venice Film Festival to present The five obstructions, talks about digital technology, that contributed to make his company Zentropa among the most specialised in Europe.
He explains in the interview how his company got closer to digital mostly for economical reasons. As he says, it is easier for the shootings and also it allows you "manipulate the images in post production". Lars Von Trier in fact started using the digital system for Dancer in the Dark. He reduced the shooting costs and invested the money in the cast and the story.
He continues talking about the production difficulties related to the film The five obstructions. The five remakes of Jørgen Leth's short film from 1967 co-directed by the director with Lars Von Trier in 2003.

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by Federico Greco