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Philippe Le Guay - director of The Cost of Living

Video - France Cinema 2003, Florence

French director is interviewed during the France Cinema 2003 Festival in Florence

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by Federico Greco
and Mazzino Montinari

French director Philippe Le Guay presents at the 2003 France Cinema Le Coût de la Vie (The Cost of Living). The film tells the stories of four characters living in Lyon, inside the same narrative circle and with the recurring concern being the relation between their lives, money and love.
In the interview the director explains how he was inspired by an article he found in the newspaper, describing a day with a famous and rich French heiress. Inspired by the story and following the description of the heiress, he gradually defined the main characters of the film, developing also the other characters with specific psychological aspects.
Le Guay in fact knits together five stories all happening over a few days in Lyon. The action centres on a collection of characters at a restaurant, and highlights the role of money in their every day life.

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