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R.E.M. Rapid Eyes Movement

Trailer [es st en]

by Xavi Herrero

mp4 (1920x1080) 2:02

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Luna is a young woman who lives under the suggestion of dreams related to the disappearance of her father who was diagnosed as schizophrenic. After 10 years of his disappearance, his problems are accentuated and due to the insistence of Alba, her mother, agrees to undergo a therapy with Gael, a psychiatrist who was friend of his father with whom he shared a sailboat. Gael has returned to Ibiza to try to start a relationship with Alba and recover the "Vagamar". The dreams, sensations, allucinations and memories of Luna, embodied in a dress and a seashell, dismantle Gael's tactics and confront Alba's wishes. Through Luna, R.E.M. leads us on a dream path where we discover some of the dreams most appealed by our culture and discover the problem between our conscious and unconscious.

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