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The Days to Come

Clip 1 [ov st en]

by Carlos Marqués-Marcet

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Lluís immediately starts giggling when he takes a look at the pregnancy test. His girlfriend Vir does the same, although soon she can’t control her tears. This really isn’t the time for parenthood. Is it? In no time, an abortion is on the agenda. But then Lluís cautiously starts expressing his doubts. “I’m not sure if I want it, but I’m quite sure that I don’t not want it.” And that’s how it starts. A wild cocktail of emotions about the nine-month period during which Vir and Lluis are deliriously happy with their decision one moment and seem on verge of disaster the next. Not only because of raging hormones, but also simply because of the leap into the depths they are taking together, while they haven’t even really known each other that long.

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