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The Perseids

Trailer [es]

by Alberto Dexeus, Ànnia Gabarró

mp4 (1800x1080) 1:49

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The local tales tale that the town and the thermal power plant of Escatron were built on top of Spanish Civil War battlefield, on top of unburied dead corpses. The ghosts and spirits still wander through its streets and buildings, semi abandoned nowadays. Mar arrives in Escatrón to spend the strangest summer of her life after her parents’ divorce. She takes refugee in these mysterious post-war tales that float around the town through a group of teenagers that function according to some rules that she doesn’t know about. Unable to distinguish between fiction and reality, Mar will discover a more fascinating place than it seemed on the first place and that will help her make peace with his dad, conciliating family ties with this country’s memorial history, from the point of view of a teenager.

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