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The Nest

Trailer [it]

by Roberto De Feo

mp4 (1920x1080) 1:41

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Samuel is a young boy confined to a wheelchair who lives with his mother Elena in "Villa dei Laghi" an isolated residence surrounded by woods. Samuel grows apparently protected but dissatisfied and restless, stuck in the family routine and with the strict ban on leaving the house. However, life in the Villa is more and more frequently upset by strange and disturbing events; until the arrival of the adolescent Denise will definitively undermine the balance of the family, giving Samuel the strength to oppose the restrictions imposed by his mother and to seek the truth about the world around him. But Elena won't let her son go so easily and she'll be ready to do anything to keep him with her. Why does Elena force Samuel to live as a prisoner in his own house, forbidding him to leave the estate? What mystery she hides?

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