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06/05 The Sixth of May


by Theo van Gogh

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May 6, 2002. Outside the Mediacenter in Hilversum, photographer Jim de Booy is taking pictures of a soap star. Jim has parked his motorbike beside an old Renault. A rather small man taps the Renault hood and disappears into a neighbouring building site. Jim carries on snapping, unaware of the men in the background, a passing police car, a nondescript van. As the star rushes back to the studio, Jim packs his camera and starts his bike. But at the same moment the Renault roars off, colliding with a very angry Jim, who gets no reaction from the passing police car. He then hears five gunshots. Grabbing his camera he runs to the building site, where he is stopped by an armed policeman. He flashes his press ID, but to no avail. Angrily, Jim walks back to his bike. Those few minutes are the beginning of five hectic days, in which Jim and his photographs will play a vital role in the intricate conspiracy surrounding the murder of Pim Fortuyn, endangering not only Jim’s career, but also his life.

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