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Katja Lenarčič • Productora, EnaBanda

"El futuro de cualquier película está en la distribución a medida"


- Entrevista con Katja Lenarčič, productora para la eslovena EnaBanda y seleccionada para el programa 2019 de Emerging Producers

Katja Lenarčič • Productora, EnaBanda

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Interview with Katja Lenarčič, producer for Slovenian outfit EnaBanda and selected for the 2019 Emerging Producers programme.

Why do you produce documentaries? Do you understand documentary film as an instrument of social and political change?
I do believe documentary films (as films in general) are, to some extent, able to change people's perception, to raise awareness and to inspire. 

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What qualities should a documentary producer have these days?
My fellow Emerging Producers pretty much named all of them in this year’s catalogue.

What do you think is the future of distribution of documentary films?
With the fast changing market it’s hard to say, but I believe the old distribution models are dying out and the future of any film really is in tailor-made distribution and appropriate marketing. There’s a lot of talk about how films are losing its audience. I think the audience is still there, we just need to invent (and for each new film re-invent) creative ways to reach out to it.

What projects do you have under way (including in the area of fiction film and other projects)?
A short fiction film The Flood by Kristijan Krajnčan, co-financed by Slovenian Film Centre and co-produced by national broadcaster RTV, is currently in post-production. 

Two other documentary films are in development. One is Sunday Lunch by Urban Zorko and Nina Cijan, a documentary which is discovering this multifaceted ritual and roles that we as family members play in it (BDC Discoveries, ZagrebDox Pro; script development supported by Slovenian Film Centre), and the other one is The Pipe by Marko Kumer, a documentary film following individuals in their quixotic fight against one of the biggest and most infamous projects in the history of Europe.


Emerging Producers is a promotional and educational project, which brings together talented European documentary film producers. The programme is organised and curated by the Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival.

Deadline for applications to the Emerging Producers 2020 edition is 15 March, 2019. Click here.

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