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KARLOVY VARY 2017 Industria

The Stand-in, el proyecto experimental más prometedor en Karlovy Vary


- KARLOVY VARY 2017 (en inglés): El Eurimages Lab Project presentó una selección de proyectos experimentales europeos en desarrollo en el certamen checo

The Stand-in, el proyecto experimental más prometedor en Karlovy Vary
Director Rä di Martino and producer Marco Alessi receive the award from the Eurimages jury for their project The Stand-in

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“With the momentum of her short web series and her debut film, since the very beginning, we have been enticed by Iva's adventurous vision and inventive style. She’s been editing some of the most creative independent films and is associated with surprising and daring cinema.” This is how the producer of Aleph, the latest project by Serbian-born, Brooklyn-based filmmaker Iva Radivojevic, introduced the director at the Eurimages Lab Project session held at the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival. In this movie, she explores the lives of ten people in ten countries, combining fiction and reality, and blurring the boundary with dream logic. The producer is looking for co-production, financing and distribution partners in order to finish the project by May 2019.

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series serie

Meanwhile, Pablo Martínez Samper is edging closer to the final cut of his feature debut, The Joy Tapes. “The Joy Tapes addresses the legacy of images that, one way or another, we’ve all inherited. Time passes by, death irrupts and memories are driven into lost paradises, where the gesture of videotaping becomes something different. On this path of transformation, Pablo Martínez Samper’s gaze has built a film of extreme beauty and eternal joy,” producer Federico Delpero Bejar said as he described Samper’s oeuvre. The project is seeking partners for mastering, copying and international promotion, and the filmmaker wants to release the movie in the middle of 2017.

The winner of the Best Czech Experimental Documentary Award at the Jihlava International Documentary Film Festival, Anna Kryvenko, is readying her feature debut, My Unknown Soldier [+lee también:
ficha de la película
, labelled as an archive documentary that thematises inherited guilt. “The film isn’t about general justice or truth; it is about how one becomes an occupier unintentionally,” the director stated. The producer is looking for funds to cover the rest of the production, as well as for a world sales agent and a world premiere. The release will be in August 2018, through a series of site-specific screenings at the places directly linked to the events of 1968, which are the subject of the documentary.

Internationally recognised producer Lluis Miñarro is readying the latest project by Jo Sol, the documentary essay The Night Is Our (around Sans Soleil), built using the director’s unique archive.

Johana Švarcová is working on her feature debut, The Sound Is Innocent, currently in pre-production and dubbed a “poetic musical experimental docu-journey” that maps out the history of electronic music in Europe, exploring the relationship between human and machine. Principal photography is preliminarily set for late summer 2017 and will continue throughout spring 2018. 

Another feature debut in the Eurimages Lab Project is by artist Rä di MartinoThe Stand-in [+lee también:
entrevista: Rä di Martino
ficha de la película
is an experimental fiction documentary described as “a film in search of itself, looking for where the real film is”; it is a follow-up to her short film Petite Histoire des Plateaux Abandonnés. The producers are pursuing additional funding, as the film, currently in post-production and teetering between cinema and art, is awaiting final editing, sound post-production and colour grading. Rä di Martino was awarded the prize for the most promising project, for “its ironic visual experimental approach to an innovative narrative and for being an intersection of art and film”.

Mariupolis [+lee también:
entrevista: Mantas Kvedaravicius
ficha de la película
 director Mantas Kvedaravicius is finishing his drama Stasis, based on his research in Athens, Odessa and Istanbul. Stasis extends the filmmaker’s documentary work and delves into fiction territory, according to the producer.

Finally, the director of The Serbian LawyerAleksandar Nikolic, is in the early stages of production with War Under False Pretences, a found-footage collage that introduces four wars that erupted after being based on a lie. The producers are seeking funding, financiers or co-producers, adding, “We feel that the film’s urgent political message, its resonance with current world affairs and its courageous storytelling technique mean that it has every chance of making a big impact at the very top of the festival circuit.”

The projects selected for Eurimages Lab Project@KVIFF were as follows:

Aleph 4 – Iva Radivojevic (Canada/Croatia)
Producers: Vilka Alfier, Selin Murat, Iva Radivojevic (Parabola Films)

The Joy Tapes – Pablo Martínez Samper (Spain)
Producers: Federico Delpero Bejar, Pablo Martínez Samper (Vitascope)

My Unknown Soldier [+lee también:
ficha de la película
 Anna Kryvenko (Czech Republic/Latvia/Slovakia/Germany)
Producer: Michal Kráčmer (Analog Vision, Baltic Pine Films, Wandal Production, parabellum film)

The Night Is Our (around Sans Soleil) – Jo Sol (Spain)
Producer: Lluis Miñarro (Shaktimetta Produccions)

The Sound Is Innocent – Johanna Švarcová (Czech Republic/France/Slovakia)
Producer: Kristýna Květová (Cinémotif Films, Films de Force Majeure)

The Stand-in – Rä di Martino (Italy/France/Morocco/Switzerland)
Producer: Marco Alessi (Dugong SRLHaut les mains)

Stasis – Mantas Kvedaravicius (Lithuania/Ukraine/France)
Producers: U Kim, Mantas Kvedaravicius, V SheremetievyN LibetN TurincevJ Gayet (Studio Uljana KimESSE Production HouseRouge InternationalExtimacy Films)

War Under False Pretences – Aleksandar Nikolic (Germany/Finland/United
Producers: Gregor Streiber, Monika Braid, Ulla Simonen (Braidmade FilmsInselfilm Produktion)

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