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PRODUCCIÓN Bélgica / Francia

Solange Cicurel rueda Adorables, primer largometraje mayoritario de Beluga Tree


- La cineasta belga prepara la producción de su segunda comedia, protagonizada por Elsa Zylberstein y Lucien Jean-Baptiste y producida por Diana Elbaum

Solange Cicurel rueda Adorables, primer largometraje mayoritario de Beluga Tree
La directora Solange Cicurel

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Shooting commences on Friday, 26 October on Solange Cicurel's second feature, Adorables – the first majority feature film to be produced by Diana Elbaum's new company, Beluga Tree, (formerly known as Entre Chien et loup) – starring Elsa Zylberstein, Lucien Jean-Baptiste and newcomer Ioni Matos

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In her new comedy, Solange Cicurel paves the way for a comedy, a genre that's not altogether that present in French-speaking Belgian cinema. Whereas Don't Tell Her [+lee también:
ficha del filme
– winner of a Magritte for Best First Film last year – was a female choral comedy, Adorables is more of a family comedy. 

Emma (Elsa Zylberstein), a psychologist, is a wonderful mother to her daughter, Lila (Ioni Matos), whom she has educated in communication, non-violence, harmony and the importance of listening.

Emma also has an excellent but ambiguous relationship with her ex-husband, Victor (Lucien Jean-Baptiste), Lila's father. Everything is going well for Emma until the day her adorable model daughter, now a 14-year-old teenager, wants to go to a club. Emma thinks she's too young and says no. But this little "no" will inevitably cause a strong reaction in both mother and child alike. The daughter’s teenage crisis beings right at the same time as a war of nerves. Emma will react or rather overreact, just like her own mother Rose did with her, going from benevolence to retaliation and "an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth." The struggle causing Emma to reveal her true self!

Filming in the French language will take place for 25 days in the region of Brussels from 26 October to 30 November 2018, with Max Boublil, Helene Vincent, Tania Garbarski and Stephanie Crayencour in the supporting roles.

Adorables was produced by Beluga Tree in Belgium, and by Other Angle Pictures in France. French distribution will be provided by UGC on behalf of Orange Studio Distribution, while international sales are being handled by Orange Studio.

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