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PRODUCCIÓN Rumanía / Grecia

Finaliza el rodaje de And They May Be Still Alive Today de Tudor Cristian Jurgiu


- La segunda película del director rumano, un análisis sobre lo que el amor puede ser o no ser, estará lista en abril

Finaliza el rodaje de And They May Be Still Alive Today de Tudor Cristian Jurgiu
Nicoleta Hâncu y Bogdan Nechifor en And They May Be Still Alive Today

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Five years after his first feature The Japanese Dog [+lee también:
ficha de la película
won the Competition 1-2 Award at Warsaw International Film Festival, before going on to represent Romania at the Oscars, the Romanian director Tudor Cristian Jurgiu has just finished filming his second feature, And They May Be Still Alive Today (a title inspired by a standard ending phrase in Romanian fairy tales). The feature is a co-production between Romania’s Libra Film Productions, represented by Tudor Giurgiu and Bogdan Crăciun, and Greece’s Graal S.A., represented by Konstantina Stavrianou.

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The screenplay, written by Jurgiu with Anca Tăbleţ, follows Clara (Nicoleta Hâncu) and Vlad (Bogdan Nechifor), two lonely 30-somethings who start a relationship by pretending to be in love in the hope that they will actually fall in love. The story explores how the two characters develop at completely different paces in their fake relationship, moving from loneliness to anxiety, from passion to depression and slowly discovering what love is (or isn’t) and whether the powerful feeling is really possible between them.

The film had a budget of €545,000. The Romanian National Film Centre supported the feature with approximately €138,000, while the production also received support from the Greek Film Centre. Shooting started at the beginning of November and recently wrapped up, with Bucharest, the city of Câmpulung and the Olimp seaside resort among the main shooting locations. The film’s DoP was Laurenţiu Răducanu – his feature debut.

Tudor Cristian Jurgiu told Cineuropa that at the film’s core is “the perfect relationship, the image of which we see everywhere: in mass media, in literature, in films. My protagonists struggle, albeit superficially, to bring this representation of the perfect relationship to life, but they only take into account ‘symptoms’ that imply a perfect relationship, rather than their own feelings and impulses,” also stating that the story shows the characters so deeply absorbed with themselves that they completely detach from what is around them.

And They May Be Still Alive Today will be distributed in Romania by Transilvania Film, its release depending on festival selections, with producer Bogdan Crăciun stating that “the release will most probably be set for the spring of 2020.”

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