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Wallimage apoya las primeras películas de imagen real de Mathias Malzieu y Vincent Paronnaud


- El fondo de inversión regional valón distribuye de esta manera 1,410,000€ a seis largometrajes, una serie de ficción y una serie de animación para el público joven

Wallimage apoya las primeras películas de imagen real de Mathias Malzieu y Vincent Paronnaud
Una imagen promocional de Une sirène à Paris de Mathias Malzieu

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For its 93rd funding session, Wallimage has opted to throw its weight behind six features, including the new movies by Mathias MalzieuVincent ParonnaudMartin Provost and Julien Leclercq, who is set to helm the second Belgian-funded Netflix production.

Une sirène à Paris by Mathias Malzieu is a project that will span various different media. The film, which is the first live-action movie for musician-novelist-director Malzieu, will be accompanied by a novel (which has already been published) and an album. This poetic fantasy set in a subaquatic Paris will star Reda KatebClémence PoesyVirginie Ledoyen and Rossy de Palma. The film is being produced by Timpelpictures and Wonder Films, and is being co-produced in Belgium by Entre Chien et loup.

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The fund is also backing Cosmogonie, the feature debut by filmmaker and comic-book author Vincent Paronnaud (the co-director of Marjane Satrapi’s films Persepolis [+lee también:
entrevista: Marc-Antoine Robert
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ficha del filme
 and Chicken With Plums [+lee también:
ficha del filme
), who is also trying his hand at a live-action flick that tells the story of a young woman rushing through the heart of a forest as she flees two serial killers who are hot on her heels. The cast of the movie, which is being produced by Wrong Men and Kidam, includes Belgian actors Lucie Debay and Arieh Worthalter

In La Bonne épouse, Martin Provost depicts the revolt led by a group of women destined to be housewives as the events of May 1968 rock France. The cast members include Juliette BinocheNoémie Lvovski and Yolande Moreau. Produced by Les Films du Kiosque, the movie will be co-produced in Belgium by Umedia, which is coincidentally also staging another project being supported by Wallimage – namely, La Terre & le Sang by Julien Leclercq, a Netflix production. 

The fund is also backing the Luxembourgish film Io Sto Bene by Donato Rotunno, the founder of Tarantula Luxembourg, which will co-produce the film with its sister company, Tarantula Belgique. Other recipients of funding during this 93rd session include Un voyage en hiver by Claude Drexel, starring Catherine Frot, produced by Arches Films and Maneki Films, and co-produced by Gapbusters, and the two series Atlantic Crossing and Les Blagues de Toto.

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