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El Czech Film Fund apoya una lista de prometedores proyectos nacionales


- Lo nuevo de Petr Václav, primera entrega de una tetralogía, está entre los títulos seleccionados para ser financiados

El Czech Film Fund apoya una lista de prometedores proyectos nacionales
El director Petr Václav, que recibirá ayuda para The Resurrection (© Vojtěch Marek)

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In the latest round of funding intended to support the complete development of feature-length fiction films, the Czech Film Fund has split roughly €273,000 among nine projects. The projects submitted by domestic filmmakers encapsulated a wide range of genres, from psychological dramas to mythical horror. The fund also chose projects for the second edition of the script-consultancy incubator (The Phoenix Project) tutored by Gyula Gazdag and Simon PerryThe Year of a WidowColaOtel Prague and My Granddad the Pirate were among the works selected.

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series serie

The upcoming project by Bohdan SlámaThe Limits of Compassion (Hranice soucitu), received support of €35,000. The project is being staged by the production team behind the award-winning Ice Mother [+lee también:
ficha de la película
Peter Oukropec and Pavel Strnad, of Negativ. According to the fund, Sláma addresses egotism, caring for others and everyday racism in this village-set drama. Negativ also secured €31,000 for its other project, the mainstream period film 1938 by Marek Najbrt.

Production company Xova Film received €31,000 for the project The Common Failures (Běžná selhání), written by Klára Vlasáková and with Cristina Groșan attached to direct the film. Vlasáková won the Stars of Tomorrow Film Foundation Award for the script, an existential drama about three women connected by an apocalyptic dream. Xova Film’s other project, The Eternal Peace (Věčný klid), a minimalistic drama about a young protagonist trying to save her family from poverty, received €27,000. 

Production outfit Mimesis Film continues to produce projects by the most prolific Czech filmmaker of recent times, Petr Václav, and the fund supported his latest effort with the highest amount of funding granted in this round – almost €40,000. The Resurrection (Vzkříšení) is described as a highly ambitious project bound for an international co-production, and is the first offering in a planned tetralogy. On the other hand, Bionaut is readying an international trilogy, one part of which is the mythological horror The Wild Hunt (Divoký hon), which got €31,000 worth of support.

A “Faustian” story set against the backdrop of Nazi and communist totalitarianism, Arvéd by Vojtěch Mašek and Jan Poláček, which is being made under the Cinémotif Films banner, received €33,000, while endorfilm’s The Choirmaster, a sibling drama about abuse carried out by a publicly revered teacher, pocketed €19,500. The batch of supported projects is rounded off by The Spring Man (Pérák) by Jiří Havelka, with €25,000 in backing: the superhero-like comedy is about a masked vigilante who protects Czechs from the Nazis, and draws its inspiration from a local urban legend originating during the German occupation of Czechoslovakia during World War II.

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