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Gianni Amelio rueda Hammamet


- El director empezó este lunes 18 de marzo el rodaje de su nueva película sobre el líder socialista Bettino Craxi, protagonizada por un sorprendente Pierfrancesco Favino

Gianni Amelio rueda Hammamet
Pierfrancesco Favino caracterizado como Bettino Craxi en el rodaje de Hammamet

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Monday 18 March saw the start of principal photography for the new film by Gianni AmelioHammamet, inspired by the controversial figure of the former leader of the Italian Socialist Party and former president of the Council of Ministers Bettino Craxi, who died in 2000 in exile in Tunisia. Playing the role of Craxi, one of the most important and talked about Italian politicians of the First Republic, is Pierfrancesco Favino – and the Adnkronos agency has published two photos of him from the set in which Favino bears a striking resemblance to Craxi.

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The images show Favino acting out a key moment in Craxi’s life, just before he went out on stage for the opening of the famous 1989 Socialist Party Conference, which was held in Milan on the former Ansaldo premises. It is explained that this extraordinary result is the fruit of months and months of tests revolving around studies of moulds. The team used a technique that was fine-tuned by a group of Italian make-up artists who studied in England.

Written by Amelio together with Alberto Taraglio (who also co-wrote Holding Hands [+lee también:
entrevista: Gianni Amelio
ficha del filme
), the film will chart the fall of Craxi, both before and after Tangentopoli (aka “Bribesville”), mixing characters inspired by reality with fanciful, fictional ones, and focusing more on the private life of the Italian statesman, rather than his public persona. Flanking Pierfrancesco Favino in the cast are Renato Carpentieri, Claudia Gerini, Livia Rossi and Luca Filippi

Hammamet, which is being produced by Pepito Produzioni together with Rai Cinema, will be released in Italy by 01 Distribution.

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