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SARAJEVO 2019 Docu Rough Cut Boutique

El Docu Rough Cut Boutique de Sarajevo selecciona cinco proyectos


- Proyectos húngaros, rumanos, serbios y búlgaros participarán en dos sesiones formativas antes del evento final en el Festival de Sarajevo

El Docu Rough Cut Boutique de Sarajevo selecciona cinco proyectos
El director Máté Kőrösi, cuya Divas ha sido seleccionada

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The Sarajevo Film Festival's Docu Rough Cut Boutique (DRCB), a regional platform dedicated to documentary projects in an advanced phase of the editing process, has announced the projects that it has selected for its ninth edition. 

Two projects hail from Hungary: Divas by Máté Kőrösi, and Melissa’s Story by Asia Dér and Sára Haragonics. The remaining three projects are Holy Father by Romania's Andrei DascalescuIn Praise of Love by Serbia's Tamara Drakulić and Legacy by Bulgaria's Petya Nackova.

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“This year’s submissions showed us that there is new talent emerging in our regional documentary scene. Interestingly, many applications arrived from Hungary, submitted by rather young, committed filmmakers who are razor-sharp in their observations of the reality around them,” say Rada Šešić and Martichka Bozhilova, directors of DRCB. “Lots of the applications received were from female directors and producers, and we are delighted that gender equality is scoring better and better every year.”

The projects will take part in two workshop sessions before being invited to the final presentation at the Sarajevo Film Festival in August: the first will be held in Budapest at the end of March, in collaboration with Duna Dok and HBO Europe, and the second in Sofia in June.

Here is the full list of DRCB projects:

Divas Máté Kőrösi (Hungary)
Producer: Borbála Csukás
Editor: Alexandra Láng
Production company: ELF Pictures

Holy FatherAndrei Dascalescu (Romania)
Producer: Anda Ionescu
Editor: Andrei Dascalescu
Production company: FilmLab

In Praise of Love - Tamara Drakulić (Serbia)
Producer: Jelena Angelovski
Editor: Jelena Maksimović
Production company: Monkey Production

Legacy - Petya Nackova (Bulgaria)
Producer: Katya Trichkova 
Editor: Svetla Petrova
Production company: Contrast Films

Melissa’s Story - Asia DérSára Haragonics (Hungary)
Producers: Sára László, Marcell Gerő, Noémi Veronika Szakonyi
Editor: Flóra Erdélyi
Production company: Campfilm

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