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INSTITUCIONES Serbia / Francia

Serbia y Francia firman un tratado de coproducción


- El tratado permitirá que las coproducciones entre ambos países se firmen con un mínimo de participación del 10%, y facilitará la importación de materiales y equipación

Serbia y Francia firman un tratado de coproducción
El embajador francés en Serbia Frédéric Mondoloni (centro-izquierda) y el Ministro de Cultura serbio Vladan Vukosavljević, durante la firma

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The governments of Serbia and France signed a co-production treaty in Belgrade last week, during the official visit of French president Emmanuel Macron. The treaty aims to strengthen the co-operation between the two national film industries and to update the legal framework for co-productions.

The accord specifies that the participation ratio for future co-productions between the two countries can vary between 80% and 20% of the total budget of a film for a majority or minority co-producer, and that, with the mutual agreement of both sides, this can even be lowered to 10%.

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Thanks to the treaty, both countries will be able to benefit from each other's regulations and exemptions, and it will also help simplify the import and export of film materials and equipment. A mixed committee consisting of representatives of both parties will be established in order to oversee and enable the enforcement of the treaty.

Film Center Serbia and the French CNC will be in charge of implementing the treaty, which was signed by Serbian Minister of Culture Vladan Vukosavljević and French Ambassador to Serbia Frédéric Mondoloni.

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