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Christian Lerch trabaja en Das Glaszimmer


- La nueva película del director alemán será un drama familiar ambientado en la II Guerra Mundial

Christian Lerch trabaja en Das Glaszimmer
Lisa Wagner, Xari Wimbauer y Philipp Hochmaier en el rodaje (© Jürgen Olczyk)

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German screenwriter-actor-filmmaker Christian Lerch, known for having directed the road movie Was weg is, is weg, is currently readying the period drama Das Glaszimmer. With a script written by Lerch together with Josef Einwanger, the upcoming film depicts the struggle of a German family during World War II.

Das Glaszimmer will tell the story of Anna and her 11-year-old son, Felix. Shortly before the end of the war, the two leave bombed Munich to seek shelter in the countryside. While the boy slowly begins to fall under the influence of Nazi propaganda, his mother has trouble pretending that she is convinced by it. While Anna is devastated to learn about her husband’s death on the frontline, Felix is finally accepted by the other children, who respect him for being the son of a hero. Yet one day, a deserter shows up, and the man is none other than Felix’s father.

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The film will star Lisa Wagner as the mother and Xari Wimbauer as the son. Hans Löw, Barbara Romaner, Philipp Hochmaier, Heinz-Josef Braun and Johann Schuler are also among the cast of the upcoming feature, which was filmed from 28 May-10 July in Schwindegg, Kirchdorf and Haag.

Das Glaszimmer is being produced by Lieblingsfilm together with ZDF, and has received support from FFF Bayern and the German Ministry of Culture. Farbfilm will handle the German theatrical release.

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