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Luxemburgo acoge los 16os Encuentros de Coproducción Francófona


- El evento permite cada año a los productores de los países francófonos encontrar socios de coproducción en los diferentes territorios

Luxemburgo acoge los 16os Encuentros de Coproducción Francófona
La directora Caroline Deruas, cuyo proyecto Les Immortelles ha sido seleccionado (© Les Arcs Film Festival / Alexandra Fleurentin y Olivier Monge)

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Organised this year by the Film Fund Luxembourg, the 16th edition of the French-speaking Co-production Meetings (RCF), aimed at facilitating the co-production of fiction feature films in French, will unspool from 13 to 16 November 2019 in Luxembourg. Each year, these meetings bring together over one hundred film industry professionals - producers, financial partners, international sales agents and distributers - hailing from Europe, Quebec and Canada and Francophone Africa. As such, they represent an ideal opportunity for assessing the potential for co-production ventures with fellow professionals and corporates from these same regions.

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The 2019 edition of the co-production event will focus on the role of music in film and will be partnering with the musical festival Sonic Visions for the occasion. Twenty-one works - including 15 fiction features, 3 animated features and 3 virtual reality (VR) projects - have been selected and are set to be presented in the form of video pitches.

In terms of the chosen feature films, projects include those of Elisabet Llado and Vivan Gofette for Belgium; those of Nicolas Klotz, Caroline Deruas and Christophe Gérard (among others) for France; those of the trio composed of Nicolas Blies - Stéphane Hueber-Blies - Kim O’bomsawin and Jacques Molitor for Luxembourg; and finally, for Switzerland, projects belonging to Lorenzo Gabriele and Pierre Monnard are due to be presented. We’ll also see virtual reality projects put forward by Bertrand Mandico and Bianca Li.

The selected projects are as follows:

Feature Films

Lucie, jour à jour - Elisabet Llado (Belgium)
Production: Iota Production

Les Poings serrés - Vivian Goffette (Belgium)
Production: Dragons Films Productions

J’ai perdu mon mari - Sophie Lorain (Canada)
Production: Amérique Film

Le Dernier Repas - Maryse Legagneur (Canada)
Production: ACPAV

La mort n’existe pas - Félix Dufour-Laperrière (Canada) (animation)
Production: Embuscade Films

Vie d’un grand réalisateur - Philippe Lesage (Canada)
Production: Unité Centrale

L’Ascension du haut mal - Christophe Gérard (France) (animation)
Production: Les Films du Poisson

La Baleine - Sylvère Petit (France)
Production: Les Films d'Ici Méditerranée

Chien noir - Marylise Dumont (France)
Production: Shellac Sud

Une erreur de parcours - Alexandre Charlot, Franck Magnier (France)
Production: Le Bureau Films

Histoire de la violence - Nicolas Klotz (France)
Production: Sophie Dulac Productions

Les Immortelles - Caroline Deruas (France)
Production: Les Films de la Capitaine

Un pas de côté - Anna Novion (France)
Production: TS Productions

Ghostdance - Nicolas Blies, Stéphane Hueber-Blies, Kim O’bomsawin (Luxembourg) (animation)
Production: a_BAHN

Kommunioun - Jacques Molitor (Luxembourg)
Production: Les Films Fauves

Colère noire / Le Clan Makeno - Lorenzo Gabriele (Switzerland)
Production: ADAVI Productions

Passer l’hiver - Pierre Monnard (Switzerland)
Production: P.S. Productions

Je m’appelle Clara - Sarra Abadi (Tunisia)
Production: Synergy Productions

Virtual Reality

Aux sources du cacao - Mariana Cadenas (Belgium)
Production: Production 21 sprl

Les Nuits - Bertrand Mandico (France)
Production: Floréal Films

La Veuve joyeuse - Bianca Li (France)
Production: Film Addict

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