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El Centro de Cine Griego anuncia su última selección de apoyos de 2019


- Las inversiones se dividen entre proyectos seleccionados en cinco programas diferentes, que incluyen trabajos de nuevos directores y coproducciones internacionales

El Centro de Cine Griego anuncia su última selección de apoyos de 2019
El director Nikias Chryssos, que ha recibido el apoyo del GFC para su segundo largometraje, A Pure Place (© Serban Mestecaneanu)

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During its latest assembly last week, the Greek Film Centre (GFC) announced its last round of funding pre-approvals for this year, which cover 32 projects spread across four different production programmes and 24 films that are being supported after their premieres, with the total sum coming to over €1.5 million.

In detail, five projects have been selected from among the 11 submitted for the New Directors programme (intended for first or second feature films), with the amount of support granted totalling €544,500. The selected projects are: Acrylic by Nikos Pastras (producer: Faliro House Productions), Broadway by Christos Massalas (Neda Film), Gourlomena Matia by Haris Vafeiadis (Konstantinos D Antonopoulos), Medium by Christina Ioakeimidi (Ekso Productions) and Traces of the Lost by Dimitra Arapoglou (x-rated). Also, three projects – The Detached House by Ioakim Mylonas (Argonauts Productions), Grassland by Yianna Dellatolla (Boo Productions) and Orea Skoni Ton Astron by Stratoula Theodoratou (Stratoula Theodoratou) – are being supported for script rewriting.

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Furthermore, six international co-productions will be backed as part of the Incentives Programme to Attract Foreign Productions to Greece, and the grand total in this strand is €217,500. The film projects (which all have a Greek producer as a minority partner) that will receive financial support are as follows: A Day in the Life of a Teddy Bear by Vassilis Xiros (China/Greece – Greek producer: Filmiki Productions), A Pure Place by Nikias Chryssos (Germany/Greece – View Master Films), Mediterráneo by Marcel Barrena (Spain/Greece – Heretic), Octopus Skin by Ana Cristina Barragán (Ecuador/Mexico/Germany/Greece – Graal SA), Sow the Wind [+lee también:
entrevista: Danilo Caputo
ficha de la película
by Danilo Caputo (Italy/France/Greece – Graal SA) and To the North by Mihai Mincan (Romania/France/Austria/Greece – StudioBauhaus).

As for the production of documentary films, 32 projects were submitted at different times, and nine of these have been greenlit for support that comes to a total amount of €294,500. The selection includes: 2052 by Hristos Karakepelis (Homemade Films), Anazitontas ton Niko by Giorgos Kotanidis (View Master Films), Cage Survivor by Irina Boiko (Technofasi/Art Space Asomaton), Contrabando by Vouvoula Skoura (FILM51OCEANS PC), The Forrest in Me by Rebecca E Marshall (PLAYS2PLACE), The Hospital by Fenia Papadodima (A&G Films Media Entertainment), Skopelitis by Emilia Milou (A&G Films Media Entertainment), Queen of the Deuce by Valerie Kontakos (Exile Films) and The Second House by Ioanna Tsoucala (Haos Film).

Finally, nine short-film projects, out of the 42 submitted, will receive support totalling €146,000, while 24 films – five fiction features, six shorts and 13 documentaries – that have already had their premieres will receive financial support to the tune of €311,000 to help with their distribution and other expenses.

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