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Asociaciones europeas del audiovisual exigen medidas extraordinarias para ayudar a la industria


- Organizaciones internacionales y regionales piden a los gobiernos actuar de manera rápida, certera y coordinada para apoyar a las empresas y trabajadores frente a la crisis del COVID-19

Asociaciones europeas del audiovisual exigen medidas extraordinarias para ayudar a la industria

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Animation in Europe, CEPI – European Audiovisual Production association, EUROCINEMA, FIA – International Federation of Actors, FIAPF - International Federation of Film Producers Associations, FERA – Federation of European Film Directors, FSE – Federation of Screenwriters in Europe and UNI MEI - Media, Entertainment & Arts Sector of UNI Global Union have jointly released a statement calling on national governments, international and regional inter-governmental organisations and cultural funding bodies to take rapid, targeted and coordinated action in support of businesses and all workers – staff, freelance and self-employed – in response to the devastating economic and social impact of the global COVID-19 crisis on our industrial sector.

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The statement reads, "Solidarity within the audiovisual ecosystem and from policy-makers are the two pillars to sustain the global film and TV sector amid this crisis. We welcome the initiatives taken by national unions, companies and other bodies to set-up and/or contribute to relief funds and appeal to other stakeholders in our industry to do whatever it takes to support all those affected by this crisis. However, the industry cannot by itself absorb the full scale of this unprecedented crisis."

The organisations explain that an easy and swift access to exceptional financial support to cover fixed costs in the forthcoming weeks and months is "immediately needed" and "one of the main conditions to respond to the immediate urgency: preserving companies in the audiovisual sector, as well as workers and skills, for the post-COVID-19". 

In order to support businesses and the economic sustainability of the entire sector, the signatory organisations recommend measures such as tailored economic relief and stimulus packages, temporary and non-restrictive frameworks addressing state aid, tax regimes adaptations, postponement of the payment of employers’ social security contributions wherever necessary, insurance claims backing from funding bodies and governments, and adaptation of funding bodies' rules to provide the best possible support for interrupted projects and provide flexibility with respect to project applications.

Read the complete list of recommendations here.

(El artículo continúa más abajo - Inf. publicitaria)

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