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Andrea Culková trabaja en la docuserie Love & Rage


- La directora checa sigue a las mujeres del movimiento Rebelión contra la Extinción en su último proyecto episódico

Andrea Culková trabaja en la docuserie Love & Rage

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Czech documentary-maker Andrea Culková — behind Sugar Blues [+lee también:
ficha de la película
, a documentary “thriller” about the negative effects of sugar, and the meta-art docu-essay H*art on — is currently readying her first fiction feature, The Fragile Beauty of Masculinity (read our report) while also working on a new docu-series, Love & Rage, produced by the Czech outfit Duracfilm. The series is set to map the environmental-activist movement Extinction Rebellion.

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The director has already finished the series’ first instalment, titled Grief, which follows the Czech women who are part of the movement. Culková avoids the pondering of statistics and unfavourable prognosis to focus instead on emotions, as, in her own words, “anxiety stemming from environmental crisis gives rise to new rebels”. She notes that the film is primarily about women because while investigating emotions, women perceive and experience the threat of environmental change more urgently than men.

She follows the members of Extinction Rebellion, most of them mothers, who organise radical but strictly non-violent gatherings calling to prevent the environmental collapse: protesters are seen standing against police while blocking cars or staging a symbolic funeral for mankind. However, the film also reflects on the topic of meaning and the problems of radical activism. The first film of the series was finished without financial grants, but was finalised in co-production with Starmount Films. It premiered at the One World International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival in March (read the news).

In the series’ second instalment, The Citizens Assembly, Coulková wants to focus on the subject of participative democracy, one of the most crucial requirements for the climate movement to create systemic change in society. The movement is both a declaration of a state of emergency, and an introduction to a new participative mechanism of decision-making, the citizens’ assembly. The director plans to shoot in the Czech Republic, Poland and U.K. while remaining flexible to cover other countries which may soon implement the citizens´ assembly. The second film is intended as an international co-production and the preliminary date of completion is set for 2023.

The third film will attempt to plunge deeper into the Extinction Rebellion movement, scrutinising the motivation of its members, its group dynamics and the evolution of the movement. Culková plans to focus on the main protagonist, fifteen-year-old Gája, whose activities within the movement should be observed across five years in the form of a time-lapse documentary. The completion of this final part, to be named after its protagonist, is set for 2025 and the producer isn’t currently seeking a co-producer.

The series’ distribution strategy is primarily based on festival and theatrical distribution, while the feature-length films will be edited to fit a television format as a triptych of 52 minutes per instalment.

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