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Yasmin C. Rams prepara Go Heal Yourself


- El documental seguirá la búsqueda de la propia directora de un tratamiento alternativo para la epilepsia

Yasmin C. Rams prepara Go Heal Yourself
Go Heal Yourself, de Yasmin C. Rams (© Yasmin C. Rams)

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Yasmin C Rams, an alumna of the IDFA Academy and a regional representative of the German Documentary Association (AG DOK) for Hesse, is currently working on the creative documentary Go Heal Yourself. The producer and filmmaker, who in 2012 directed the short A Life in Blue, is ready to deliver her first feature-length documentary.

The movie will follow Rams herself, as she sets out to find an alternative cure for her disease, epilepsy. In doing so, she disregards the warnings of her father, who suffers from Parkinson’s and utterly distrusts alternative medicine. On her journey, Yasmin meets people from all around the world who have managed to keep their illness under control. Yet as she starts having seizures more frequently, Yasmin begins to wonder whether her father might actually be right and whether it is right to go to so much trouble in order to avoid taking pills.

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Vita Spieß is on board as the cinematographer, and the film has received financial support from Hessen Film und Medien and MFG Baden-Württemberg. Go Heal Yourself is being produced by Perennial Lens, a company founded by Rams together with director-producer Rodney Charles, which has offices in Darmstadt and Los Angeles, and which produces international, trans-cultural, socially progressive fictional and documentary feature films.

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