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PRODUCCIÓN / FINANCIACION Italia / Luxemburgo / Irlanda

La serie animada Klincus entra en producción


- La serie, codirigida por Ernesto Paganoni y Federico Milella y coproducida por Italia, Luxemburgo e Irlanda, contará con 26 episodios de 26 minutos cada uno

La serie animada Klincus entra en producción
Una ilustración de una de las novelas Klincus Corteccia del autor italiano Alessandro Gatti

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Klincus is an adaptation of the series of children’s books by Italian author Alessandro Gatti (Klincus Corteccia) which were published in 10 volumes, between 2009 and 2013, by Mondadori. In this first ever audiovisual adaption, the viewer will learn about the adventures of Klincus as he lives with his new friends, the diminutive inhabitants of Frondosa, which is a village built into the trees of the Bosco Grande. Our young hero will try as best he can to defend this paradise on earth from the industrialist Graylock, who seeks to destroy the forest for his own personal gain. Little by little, as he protects the people of Frondosa from danger, Klincus discovers his true abilities and learns a new life lesson at the end of each episode.

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Availing itself of all the key ingredients of adventure and comedy movies (and populated by wacky secondary characters, including a talking squirrel who loves to make jokes), the series looks to raise the environmental awareness of the very youngest of audiences. To this end, the authors notably plan on insisting upon the parallel between the simple yet wonderful world of Frondosa and the neighbouring town of Umghard, a mega-industrialised town which flies the flag for modern technology. After running away from his orphanage, Klincus – a 13-year-old human child – finds himself embraced by a community, hitherto unknown to him, who live in perfect harmony with nature.

Series producer Mark Mertens has been leading this project for several years now, and recently entered into the fold of Fabrique d’images - a Luxembourg company created by Christine Parisse and Jean-Marie Musique in 2002 - which boasts its own 2D-3D animation studio, Picture Factory. The series’ direction will see animator and storyboarder Frederico Milella (who recently worked on Bayala: A Magical Adventure [+lee también:
ficha de la película
and the series Ziggy & the Zoo Tram​) collaborating with Ernesto Paganoni, an animator based in Bergamo who wrote several episodes of the animated series Yo Yo for RAI. Also a teacher at Milan’s Istituto Europeo di Design, Paganoni likewise participated in the design of the special effects gracing Dario Argento’s Dracula [+lee también:
ficha de la película

In terms of of the mise en scène, the co-directors confess their desire to make the most of the different perspectives made possible by the 3D space, "so as to highlight the depths of each scene, by way of bold focal distances and shots framed from different angles and heights in order to avoid dull or austere horizontal compositions". A realistic approach will be taken towards the animation of the characters, and their physical movements in particular, despite the fantastical nature of the tale.

As majority co-producers, Italian firm Showlab (Alfio Bastiancich) are providing 68% of the total budget (estimated at around €750,000), but the project will also be put together with the help of Luxembourg (24%, via Fabrique d’images; a subsidy of €1,500,000 from Film Fund Luxembourg has also just been granted to the series) in collaboration with Ireland, whose contribution stands, for now, at 8%, courtesy of Telegael (Paul Cummins). In terms of distributors, RAI (Italy), ZDF (Germany) and RTL (Luxembourg) are ready and waiting, while global distribution is in the hands of ZDF Enterprises. Indeed, everything seems to point towards this Gulliver’s Travels and Arthur and the Invisibles-style fantasy series doing well worldwide. Its release is scheduled for the end of 2022.

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