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Nicolai Rohde empieza a rodar la nueva serie austro-alemana Totenfrau


- La nueva producción, de seis episodios, que se estrenará en ORF el año que viene, tendrá a Anna Maria Mühe como protagonista

Nicolai Rohde empieza a rodar la nueva serie austro-alemana Totenfrau
En el rodaje de Totenfrau, de izquierda a derecha: Bernhard Aichner, Gerhard Liebmann, Anna Maria Mühe, Yousef Sweid y Nicolai Rohde (© Mona Film/Barry Films/Stephan Burchardt)

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Netflix has announced that cameras have begun rolling on a new six-part series, entitled Totenfrau and helmed by television director Nicolai Rohde (the TV series Innocent and Tatort).

The script, based on the bestseller of the same name by Austrian writer Bernhard Aichner, was penned by Barbara Stepansky, Benito Mueller, Wolfgang Mueller, Mike Majzen and Rohde himself. The international bestseller series was published in over 30 countries and was read by over 750,000 readers in Germany alone. In detail, Totenfrau revolves around Blum (played by Anna Maria Mühe), an undertaker and loving mother of two children. Her peaceful life is suddenly shaken up by the death of her husband. When she realises that the alleged accident was actually a murder, she begins looking for answers and ends up uncovering her own dark past.

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Other confirmed cast members include actors Felix Klare, Yousef Sweid, Shenja Lacher, Robert Palfrader, Simon Schwarz, Gregor Bloéb, Michou Friesz, Gerhard Liebmann, Hans Uwe Bauer, Sebastian Hülk, Andrea Wenzl, Wolfram Koch, Britta Hammelstein and Peter Kurth. Stephan Burchardt is attached as the director of photography, while Kai Finke for Netflix and Andrea Bogad Radatz for ORF will serve as the editors.

Totenfrau is being co-produced by Netflix, ORF, Thomas Hroch and Gerald Podgornig for Austria's Mona Film, Benito Mueller and Wolfgang Mueller for Germany's Barry Films and Al Munteanu for Germany's SquareOne Productions. It also received support from the Cine Tirol Film Commission.

The project, shot in Tyrol and Vienna, is set to premiere on ORF in 2022 and it will be made available worldwide on Netflix at a later stage.

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