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EXCLUSIVA: Teaser de We Are Living Things de Antonio Tibaldi


- La película, que vende TVCO al extranjero, gira alrededor de un misterioso inmigrante ilegal mexicano al que interpreta Jorge Antonio Guerrero, conocido por Roma

EXCLUSIVA: Teaser de We Are Living Things de Antonio Tibaldi
We Are Living Things, de Antonio Tibaldi

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Rome-based sales agent TVCO has boarded the world sales of Antonio Tibaldi’s new feature, We Are Living Things [+lee también:
ficha de la película
, Cineuropa has learned. The New York-based, Australian-born filmmaker’s previous credits include On My Own, Little Boy Blue and Claudine’s Return. He has also worked for United Nations Television for over 15 years, directing non-fiction films that shed light on under-reported stories around the globe.

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The US-Chinese-Italian co-production, penned by Alex Lora and the director himself, revolves around Solomon (played by Jorge Antonio Guerrero, the lead actor in Alfonso Cuarón’s Roma), a mysterious illegal Mexican immigrant living on the premises of a recycling plant in Brooklyn. By chance, he meets Chuyao (Xingchen Lyu). Shunned by her father for believing that she was abducted by a UFO, she has fled China. Alone in the city, she is involved with a pimp who puts her life in danger. Solomon takes drastic action to save Chuyao, setting the stage for the two fugitives to run from the law and escape to Arizona. Once in the desert, Solomon must confront his past demons. Chuyao gives him renewed hope for the future, and together, they search for answers in the skies. Other confirmed cast members include Zao Wang (starring as Tiger), O-Lan Jones (Constance) and Paul Cooper (Darren). Veteran Italian DoP Luca Bigazzi was in charge of the film’s cinematography.

Commenting on his project, Tibaldi defined it as an “out-of-time, ironic fable with a science-fiction element that acts as a metaphor. […] It also touches on the current national and global controversies concerning migration, protectionism and border patrols,” he added.

We Are Living Things was produced by Enmaze Pictures (USA), Mokexing Pictures (China), Stefano Mutolo for Berta Film (Italy) and Haider Rashid for Radical Plans (Italy). The film had its world premiere at the 47th edition of the Deauville American Cinema Festival (3-12 September) earlier this month.

Check out our exclusive teaser below:

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