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East Doc Platform anuncia sus proyectos de 2022


- Este año, el evento con sede en Praga cuenta con lo próximo de Timo Novotny, Greta Stoklassa, Laila Pakalnina, Olga Lucovnicova, Jakub Piątek, Boris Mitić y Mariam Chachia

East Doc Platform anuncia sus proyectos de 2022
Scarecrows, de Laila Pakalnina, que participa en la sección East Doc Forum

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East Doc Platform (EDP), the largest co-production, funding and distribution platform for Central and Eastern European documentaries, which takes place for the 11th time in Prague from 26 March-1 April, has announced its selection.

EDP's biggest and oldest segment (launched in 2001 as Eastern European Forum), the East Doc Forum, features 19 projects, 12 of which are coming along from the Ex Oriente Film training programme. The forum itself is preceded by a preparatory workshop and culminates in EDP's most attractive event, the Central Pitch. This year, it includes Below by Timo Novotny (also selected for the East Doc Series section), Scarecrows by Laila Pakalnina, Hunting the Invisible by Johana Ožvold and Last Letters of My Grandma, the first feature by Olga Lucovnicova, who won the 2021 Berlinale Golden Bear for Best Short with My Uncle Tudor.

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At the East Doc Market, on the other hand, the filmmakers pitch their projects at various stages of development during 15-minute individual meetings with international financiers, broadcasters, distributors, sales agents and festival representatives. This year's line-up includes And Now What and Then What? by Boris Mitić, Abastumani - 101 Rooms by Mariam Chachia and Nik Voigt, and Pianoforte by Jakub Piątek.

Further EDP segments include East Doc Series and East Doc Interactive, while Czech Docs... Coming Soon will present finished upcoming local documentaries, including BLIX by Greta Stocklassa. The list of these titles can be found here.

Here is the list of East Doc Platform titles:

East Doc Forum

Below - Timo Novotny (Austria/Germany)
Producer: Sebastian Rieker

Dissenters and Madness - Sergey Gindilis (Russia/Germany)
Producer: Yevgeniy Gindilis

5 Pills Away - Karolina Domaglaska (Poland/Germany)
Producer: Katarzyna Ślesicka

Pianoforte - Jakub Piątek (Poland)
Producer: Maciej Kubicki

Scarecrows - Laila Pakalnina (Latvia/Lithuania)
Producer: Uldis Cekulis

The Other One - Marie-Magdalena Kochová (Czech Republic/Slovakia)
Producer: Aleš Hudský

Velvet Generation - Ivana Hucíková (Slovakia/Czech Republic)
Producers: Monika Lošťáková, Jakub Viktorín

Ex Oriente Film

As Long as I Live - Roman Ďuriš (Slovakia)
Producers: Simona Bago Móciková, Radka Babincová

Baltic UXO - Alexander Belinski, Agne Dovydaityte (Lithuania)
Producers: Agne Dovydaityte, Dagne Vildziunaite

From 0 to 8 - Danilo Ceković (Sweden/Serbia)
Producers: Mario Adamson, Sergio Ayala

Hunting the Invisible - Johana Ožvold (Czech Republic/Germany/France/UK)
Producers: Jakub Košťál, Vratislav Šlajer

Last Letters of My Grandma - Olga Lucovnicova (Belgium/Moldova)
Producers: Frederik Nicolai, Virgiliu Mărgineanu

Man of Marble - Szymon Kuriata (Poland)
Producer: Aneta Zagórska

Nest of Storks and People - Petko Gyulchev (Bulgaria)
Producer: Galina Shtarbeva

Runaway - Marika Pecháčková (Czech Republic)
Producers: Vít Klusák, Pavla Klimešová

Shut the Fuck Up! - Taisiia Kutuzova (Ukraine/France)
Producers: Stephane Siohan, Olga Beskhmelnitsyna

The World is Not (a) Mine - Natalia Koniarz (Poland)
Producer: Maciej Kubicki

Up in the Air - Oksana Syhareva (Ukraine)
Producers: Oksana Syhareva, Nataliia Pogudina

[Confidential project]

East Doc Market

And Now What And Then What? - Boris Mitić (Serbia/Croatia/France)
Producer: Boris Mitic

Abastumani - 101 Rooms - Mariam Chachia, Nik Voigt (Georgia)
Producer: Mariam Chachia

Cabin Pressure - 'Motherhood, My Way!' - Eszter Nagy, Sara Czira (Hungary)
Producers: Patricia D'Intino, Hanka Kastelicová

Flotacija - Eluned Zoë Aiano, Alesandra Tatić (Serbia)
Producers: Greta Rauleac, Miloš Ljubomirović

Ironman - Kiril Karakash, Svetislav Podleshanov (North Macedonia)
Producers: Kiril Karakash, Svetislav Podleshanov

The One I Love - Paweł Hejbudzki (Poland)
Producers: Justyna Przybylska, Filip Luft

Lost and Found - Laurentiu Garofeanu (Romania/Canada/Germany)
Producer: Laurentiu Garofeanu

A Year of Endless Days - Renata Lučić (Croatia)
Producer: Tamara Babun

Leon - Wojciech Gostomczyk (Poland)
Producer: Anna Stylinska

No Mercy - The Female Gaze - Isa Willinger (Germany)
Producer: Alex Tondowski

Unbound - John English, Tom Garner (Spain)
Producer: John English

Olympic Halftime - Haruna Honcoop (Czech Republic/France/Slovenia) - APA Wild Card
Producer: Vít Janeček

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