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by Bonifacio Angius


After his wife dies, Peppino finds himself faced with the problem of his son Angelo who, despite being 35 years old, still lives at home, without a job or a steady girlfriend. Angelo spends his days in a shabby bar in the suburbs, living a waking dream of the most banal existence imaginable. Peppino feels he has not much time left and tries to get closer to his son, pushing him to get a grip on his life. In a desolate, gray winter, their different solitudes are echoed by the liturgical monotony of the radio and its constant news bulletins about the crisis in the economy, set to continue for the foreseeable future.

original title: Perfidia
country: Italy
year: 2014
genre: fiction
directed by: Bonifacio Angius
film run: 103'
screenplay: Bonifacio Angius, Maria Accardi, Fabio Bonfanti
cast: Stefano Deffenu, Mario Olivieri, Noemi Medas, Domenico Montixi, Alessandro Gazale, Andrea Carboni
cinematography by: Pau Castijon
film editing: Tommaso Gallone
art director: Luca Noce
costumes designer: Luisella Pintus
music: Carlo Doneddu
producer: Francesco Paolo Montini
production: Movie Factory, Il Monello Film
backing: Regione Sardegna, Fondazione Sardegna Film Commission, Fondazione Banco di Sardegna
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