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by Eugenio Canevari


The last moments in the life an ALS patient.
Barcelona, Spain. Stella is Argentinian and does not have papers. Since she has been diagnosed with ALS, her partner Paco helps her to move, eat, and communicate. Valeria, Stella´s daughter, accompanies them in her spare time, but the anguish caused by witnessing the deterioration of her mother, leads her to lose herself by going out to party. While they wait for an answer to their application for subsidized housing, they try to survive day to day with the resources that they have left.

international title: Figures
original title: Figuras
country: Argentina
sales agent: The Open Reel
year: 2018
genre: fiction
directed by: Eugenio Canevari
film run: 82'
screenplay: Eugenio Canevari
cast: Adrià Sánchez-Campo, Judith Dalmau, Laura Esteve Reig, Mer Calduch, Valeria Ballerini, Roberto García Suárez, Isabel Rojas, Elisa LÓpez Fuentes, Pere de Palol, Ximena Marsé
cinematography by: Michele Falci, Enrique Rico
film editing: Didac Palou
art director: Gerardo Del Castillo
producer: Felipe Yaryura
production: Faneca Films, Chroma Teatre, Mamá Húngara Cine (AR)
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